The Results-Driven Manager : Presentations That Persuade And Motivate



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From overcoming "stage fright" to reading and reacting to body language to tackling tough questions and delivering memorable closings, presenters from the novice to the seasoned speaker will find a wealth of advice for giving standout presentations. This book includes fast and actionable tools and strategies for improving critical management skills culled from Harvard Business School Publishing's respected newsletters "Harvard Management Update" and "Harvard Management Communication Letter".

What will you learn from this book

  1. Audience-Centric Approach: Emphasizing understanding the audience's needs, interests, and expectations to tailor presentations effectively.

  2. Clear Communication: Stressing the importance of clear, concise, and impactful messaging to convey ideas effectively.

  3. Structuring Effective Presentations: Providing guidance on structuring presentations for maximum impact, including introduction, main points, supporting evidence, and conclusion.

  4. Engaging Delivery: Exploring techniques for engaging delivery, including storytelling, visual aids, body language, and vocal modulation.

  5. Creating Persuasive Content: Offering strategies to create compelling content that influences decision-making, addresses objections, and motivates action.

  6. Handling Q&A Sessions: Providing tips for managing Q&A sessions effectively, addressing queries confidently, and reinforcing key messages.

  7. Utilizing Visual Aids: Exploring the use of visual aids such as slides, graphs, and multimedia to enhance understanding and retention.

  8. Building Credibility: Discussing methods to establish credibility as a presenter, including expertise, authenticity, and confidence.

  9. Adapting to Virtual Presentations: Addressing techniques for delivering impactful presentations in virtual or online settings.

  10. Measuring Presentation Success: Discussing methods for evaluating the effectiveness of presentations and using feedback for continuous improvement.

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ISBN-10 1-59139-349-3
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Book Publisher Harvard Business Review Press
Published Date 11 Jun 2004

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