Kiss That Frog: 12 Great Ways To Turn Negatives Into Positives In Your Life And Work

Brian Tracy , Christina Tracy Stein


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‘This wonderful, uplifting book shows you how to release negatives and become a completely positive person.’ -Harvey Mackay, author of the #1 New York Times bestseller Swim with the Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive ‘If your memories of yesterday are greater than your dreams for tomorrow, read this book and watch your life turn around, and experience more joy and happiness as a result.’ -Todd Duncan, New York Times bestselling author of Time Traps This book contains a series of practical, proven, easy-to-apply ideas and strategies that anyone can use to change their thinking from negative to positive.

The ideas in this book are based on more than a hundred years of writing and research in psychology and sychotherapy. These ideas are presented in an easily digestible form that goes directly to the root of the reasons why people feel negatively about themselves and about various factors in their lives. Every idea and instruction in this book has been tested and proven in the crucible of real life experiences, both by the authors and by the millions of other people worldwide whose lives have been positively affected by these simple principles.

What will you learn from this book


• You are the reason for your happiness and sadness, failure, and success.

• Situations might not be in your control but your response to them shape your attitude and life.

• Your interpretation of events makes them positive or negative and can evoke feelings which inhibit you. These events can always be reinterpreted.

• You try to evade rejection. But facing rejection provides you the strength to take risks and succeed.

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Published Date 02 Mar 2012

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