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Highlights of India Today Hindi 28th July 2021, issue: Cover Story: Kashmir Vade Aur Andeshe As the centre restarts the stalled political process in J&K, it needs to win the hearts and trust of its people. Upfront: Uttar Pradesh Aabadi Par Nishana A new political debate erupts in Uttar Pradesh over population control. The three-member commission had uploaded a draft of the proposed ‘Uttar Pradesh Population (Control, Stabilisation and Welfare) Bill, 2021’ on its website, ostensibly to garner public opinion and the entire clamour outside was over its contents.

The proposed draft envisages a carrot-and-stick policy to enforce a two child norm with the stated intention to ‘stabilise’ population growth in the state. Upfront: Uttarakhand Kanwad Yatra Par Viram Amid fear of Covid spread Uttarakhand Government bans Kanwad Yatra this year. Actually this decision was taken by previous government of the state. Upfront: RSS Nabj Tatolta Sangh RSS appointed Arun Kumar as coordinator with BJP. Replacement of coordinator with ruling party has a lot of meaning in the view of upcoming 7 states assembly election.

Arthat Tinke Ko Doobte Ka Sahara Rural India which saved the economy during first wave of Covid is seems unable to survive second wave. Savings wiped out and growing poverty lowered the economic activities in rural India. Special Report: Medicines Thode Ko Bahut Samjhen Why the latest Covid guidelines for mild cases recommend no medicine at all Fursat: Cinema Haule Haule Harkat Me Aata Cinema With the hope that multiplexes will open in August many film producers rushed to complete their films. Big banners and stares are too, busy to finish films so that they can cater viewers.

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