The Rise And Fall Of The Third Chimpanzee

Jared Diamond



The Rise And Fall Of The Third Chimpanzee, written by Jared Diamond, is a comprehensive study of human behaviour and its origins. This book analyses the relationship that human beings have with their surroundings, along with the cultural aspects involved. The reason behind the supremacy of certain humans over others and why this is so is one question that has been answered in this text.

Jared Diamond focuses on the chimpanzee-human connection, stating that the differences are next to nothing. Human beings are said to be the third chimpanzees, who in their cultural habitat, react in certain ways that shape their existence. This book encompasses the greater mysteries of human existence, leaving nothing out, whether it be selection of a mate by females or males or social differences across boundaries.

Touching upon the questions pertaining to the relationship of man with animals, The Rise And Fall Of The Third Chimpanzee is hailed as a collective study of human psychology, anthropology and evolutionary biology. What human beings have accomplished and what more they are capable of are some of the questions answered within the pages of Jared Diamond’s book.

The Rise And Fall Of The Third Chimpanzee was published by RHUK in 1992 and is available in paperback.

Key Features:

  • This book was awarded the Royal Society Prize for Science Books and the Los Angeles Times Book Prize in 1992.
  • The book traces the evolution of human beings from their origin as animals and points out various cultural traits like art, language and other human attributes.
Language English
ISBN-10 0099913801
ISBN-13 9780 099913801
No of pages 360
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher RHUK
Published Date 28 May 1992

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