How to become a Successful Freelancer in 6 Months

Prasanna Mainkar



Whether you're tired of your day job or just want to start your own business on the side, "How to become a successful freelancer in 6 months" is the ultimate guide for a fresh and radical career shift.

Ignore the old notion of working up the corporate ladder and waiting for your turn to do what you love—there is no need to wait and every reason not to. Whether your dream is escaping the corporate grind, becoming your own boss, a high income on your own terms, travelling the world, doing some social work, getting healthier, pursuing adventure sports or just making extra income on the side, this book is your blueprint.

You can have it all—really.

In "How to become a successful freelancer in 6 months", Prasanna Mainkar will give you the tools you need to start a freelance business from scratch. Nothing more, nothing less. Best of all, you’ll discover how to land your first paying client—even if you’re starting from zero. And by following the recommendations listed in this book, you can be earning as a freelancer in as little as 30 days.

Not bad considering the price of the book, right? Purchasing this book is a good choice, but Prasanna is making it even better. All proceeds from the book sales will be donated to Anandwan.

Anandvan, literally meaning forest of joy and located in Chandrapur district—2 hours from Nagpur, Maharashtra, is an ashram and a community rehabilitation centre for leprosy patients and the disabled. It relies on donations to ensure the smooth running of the organisation. Prasanna is dedicated to Anandvan's cause since 2016 and has been contributing ever since.

Language English
No of pages 75
Book Publisher Prasanna Mainkar
Published Date 06 Jul 2020

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Author : Prasanna Mainkar


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