KHOKHAN: The Kid Who Could Be! (Volume 1)

George Soy



Shipwrecked, 8-year-old Khokhan ends up on a mysterious island where humans can talk with wild animals and use batons to summon anything they want. Waterfalls freeze at night to let people sleep peacefully; wells glow, barren trees protect one from rain and people fly with the help of special shoes! All this makes him wonder, what place this is and whether he is even alive!

But the island is hardly the utopia it seems to be. There is a lurking danger that threatens to topple the lives of the islanders and they superstitiously believe, that now, through Khokhan, they can get themselves redeemed. Pretty soon, Khokhan finds himself encountering a giant snake, a grievous bio-attack that effects his blood, and all sorts of other evil, and he has no idea who is doing this to him or why.

Will Khokhan manage to survive the battle with the unknown enemies? Will he live up to the faith that has been thrust upon him by the despairing islanders without even his knowledge? Or will he simply escape to set out in search of a way to reach his mother?

Only time will tell…

Language English
ISBN-10 9789354580826
ISBN-13 9789354580826
No of pages 376
Book Publisher Leadstart Publishing Private Limited
Published Date 20 Aug 2021

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Author : George Soy


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