Anything But Ordinary: A Crash Course in Lateral Business Thinking

Anja Förster , Peter Kreuz


In Circulation

In today s surplus society, the customer is faced with endless choice. But while everything may be better, brighter and more varied, it is also increasingly the same. In order to succeed in such a competitive world, both individuals and companies must come up with new takes on old business models, fight commoditization, and find unconventional avenues to growth. In this irreverent and award-winning book, Forster and Kreuz hold a mirror up to businesses and managers and force them to take a hard look at themselves and the way they do business.

Using fascinating examples and cases, the authors show that things can be done differently. It s not just about making big leaps, but also taking alternative paths (which is something many companies struggle with). As the Financial Times said, this book is a match that ignites breakthrough thinking and creativity .

Language English
ISBN-10 9780462099712
ISBN-13 9780462099712
No of pages 207
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher Marshall Cavendish
Published Date 10 Sep 2009

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Author : Peter Kreuz


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