The Heart of The Close

Raju Mandhyan



Gone are the days when purchasers had a job to do and targets to meet. Every purchaser today is cutting-edge, educated, and a ball-playing entrepreneur. She keeps her personal values, corporate goals and ecological bottom lines all in the same horizon.

Coaching is the art and science of seeing something powerful inside another person and then carefully, lovingly and scientifically unleashing and empowering that potential. To be a coach is to be an awakener of sorts. To be a coach is to be an almost invisible, non-interfering guide by the side.

THE HEART OF THE CLOSE provides you with a powerful five step process to build leaders amongst your sales people.

In the HeART of the CLOSE discover how to influence them and improve your profits! Master the tools, techniques, and negotiating tactics that enable you to ethically influence your buyer’s perception of cost, value, and benefits. This NLP-influenced, interactive and illustrated book is the answer to selling without really selling, and co-creating value in the global marketplace.

Language English
ISBN-10 9386450119
ISBN-13 9789386450111
No of pages 211
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher Embassy Books
Published Date 01 Jan 2017

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