Tony & Cherie.

Paul Scott



This is a highly entertaining biography that looks at how the Blairs have survived life in Downing Street with all its stresses and strains. Written with access to well-placed sources, Tony and Cherie takes the reader on an eventful journey from their first steps into the tatty environs of the flat in Number 11, still smelling of Kenneth Clarke's cigars, to Blair's triumphant third term and increasing importance as an international statesman. Along the way we discover why the Blairs admitted into their inner circle a 'lifestyle guru' whose topless photograph once appeared in the Daily Star.

The author describes what happened on one memorable trip to Balmoral, and tells us which Royal snubbed Cherie, as well as revealing the strange part played in their lives by a series of New Age practitioners. We also gain insights into the backstabbing and rivalries at work inside the Blair court and the couple's relationships with Clinton, Bush and Chirac. Showing the human face of politics, Tony and Cherie is an astonishing account of the lives of the most powerful couple in the land.

Language English
ISBN-10 0-283-07026-9
No of pages 287
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher Sidgwick & Jackson
Published Date 19 Sep 2005

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