Sadak Chhaap

Meher Pestonji



How was he to know where he belonged? . . . Was he to accept street life as his destiny? The day ten-year-old Rahul, part-time rag-picker, pickpocket and petty thief living footloose on the streets of Bombay, finds an abandoned baby on a railway platform, his life changes forever.

He quickly appoints himself the baby’s father, making her the emotional anchor that had been missing from his life. And, while he is treated as quite the hero within his street community, he wins the trust and affection of people who are willing to give him the opportunity to start afresh and work towards a better future.

But the streets are mean, inescapable, and as Rahul indulges his paltry desires and shallow dreams, he finds himself spiraling, yet again, into a vortex of crime, abuse and loneliness. As horrific as it is heartbreaking, Sadako Chap evokes the brutal existence of street urchins with unrelenting realism and deep sympathy.

Language English
ISBN-10 0-14-400024-5
ISBN-13 978-0144000241
No of pages 190
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher Penguin India
Published Date 26 Jul 2005

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