Resilience: How to Cope When Everything Around You Keeps Changing

Liggy Webb


In Circulation

This book is the flip to How To Be Happy; a book which offers a reassuring and empowering guide to finding positivity and inner strength, it helps individuals to understand that it is not what happens to them, it is the way that they react and respond. The book will support individuals in developing a personal toolkit that will equip them to cope with the day to day challenges that they will inevitably have to deal with. The key messages in the book will be to keep things simple and to avoid any unnecessary complexities. It will be an easy to digest, anecdotal and practical guide with lots of common sense advice to help individuals cope with stressful and challenging situations by building confidence and developing coping strategies. It will contain timely examples and tips tailored for these difficult times. Liggy's book shows how to avoid life's 'Doomerang' by bending adversity into opportunity for personal growth and enrichment. I found 'Resilience' a powerful and rewarding read after a personally traumatic year. Buy it, read it and learn how to dig deeper. Dr Gordon McGlone OBE After reading Resilience I would like to say there are so many gems in this book that i conclude that if youre not willing to take a risk for the exceptional, you'll have to settle for the ordinary! Joe Johnson, former World Snooker Champion Liggy excels at expressing profound concepts in a highly accessible and motivational way, and by using stories and offering practical suggestions she supplies the tools by which any of us can enhance our lives. Andrew North, Chief Executive, Cheltenham Borough Council With her most recent book Resilience Liggy Webb has produced a virtual treasure trove of wisdom about how manage change with a positive bounce. But more importantly she is providing the reader with creative tool kit that is adaptable as well as practical for anyone who wants to make the best of the opportunities brought on by change and even tragedy . A real asset for personal growth. Pernille Petersen MBE, Co-ordinator of the Night Shelter I highly recommend this extra ordinary book to everyone who is interested in living their lives to their optimum gratification. Professor Raymond Feldman, Founder of Cognitive Aspects in the Brain Institute This book blends positive psychology with resiliency principles to serve up an easy-to-read book with practical guidelines on becoming more resilient. Kristin Pintarich, Editor in Chief, The Resiliency Center Liggy Webbs Resilience is yet another very good work by the author. I appreciate Liggy Webbs style of writing in that she avoids any unnecessary technical language. She conveys with clear words and examples the concept of resilience. With regards to my field of work (peacekeeping and humanitarian mine action), I find Resilience to be highly relevant. Charles Frisby, Programme Manager, United Nations, Mine Action Service Reading Liggys Webbs latest book Resilience reminds me of my behaviour when training and competing at the Olympics On ice. Reading this reminds me of the resilience I constantly needed and the fighting spirit I had to have especially when dealing with setbacks. The book is a great motivational read! Rhona Martin MBE, Olympic Gold Medallist

Language English
ISBN-10 978-1665195164
ISBN-13 9781665195164
No of pages 176
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher Wiley
Published Date 20 Jul 2020

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