Life Love Kumbh: Togetherness Is The Greatest Stoning..Relations, The Best Snuff...

Aporva Kala



Like the Kumbha Fair, this Book promises to open the doors of its readers’ thinking, coaxing them to carry for a few moments and re-examine their priorities in life. Togetherness is the greatest stoning....Relations, the best snuff..: ‘It is good to live a life of an instinct, you have nothing to fear, no failures, no successes, just a gut and the beatings of the tiny heart.

Let it see the world, it said in its beat, like the haloed Demur of Shiva, come out and enjoy the Maya of so called God, now this was one mystery I couldn’t fathom; wait, there was one more, destiny. To these I added a third, Faith, not in these two, but in myself... the Atman.’ Aditi’s take on Life..Love..Kumbha... On 13 of January 2010, a day before the first of the eleven great baths of the Mahi Kumbha at Haridwar, the largest human congregation in the Universe; Agastya, Anant and Aditi, journey along in their lives; crossing each other’s path; reminiscing of the past gone by and being wary of the future.

But as the day nears its end, destiny would throw them in a situation from which there would be no running away. Will they face up to the challenges of living, loving, longing, leaving, learning and come out unscathed from the play of destiny and the cycle of Karma? What of their identity, their Philosophies and the quest for Yogic excellence?

Language English
ISBN-10 9789380349503
No of pages 300
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Book Publisher Srishti Publishers & Distributors
Published Date 01 Jan 2011

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