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Aligning Shopping Centres and Retail with New- Age Connected Consumers In the current scenario, it is very important to understand how retailers, mall developers, and tenants can work together to create destinations and experiences that reflect today’s buyer behaviour? As things stand, tenants and mall owners will need to rethink traditional partnership models to cooperatively drive new lifestyle, social, and retail off erings.

Across all important verticals, occupiers and retail real estate leaders must work together to generate customer confidence, co-create digital triggers, drive demand, and re-energize toplines. For a long time, much has been talked about ‘experiential’ shopping spaces, and now the time has come to evolve them to ‘phygital’ spaces.

Mall developers are embracing feedback more and more from the retailers on how the current shopping centres need to embrace the phygital element, as well as their inputs for all future shopping centre developments. After all, nobody has their ears closer to the shopperthan the retailers – the big box retailers, the boutique stores, as well as the online retailers. It is only with their constant feedback and inputs that developers can create the right mix of shopping spaces.

With great pleasure and pride, we inform our readers that the second edition of Phygital Retail Convention (PRC) held at Hotel Renaissance on November 10-11 was a huge success. It was quite fascinating to see Indian retail and the shopping centre industries celebrating a triumphant return to the on- ground mega industry gathering.

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