The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding.

Arnold Schwarzenegger



A book specifically written for anyone who enjoys working with weights or who simply likes keeping fit and healthy, ‘The New Encyclopaedia Of Modern Body Building’ has earned its reputation of being the ‘holy grail’ of bodybuilding.

The book is a comprehensive study of the entire world of bodybuilding, which starts from a knowledge about the latest advances in bodybuilding competitions and weight training and covers everything from sports psychology, the required nutrition and diet and the various methods of training to the various injuries that can be incurred, their prevention techniques and treatments. What’s more alluring about this book is that all these sections have been properly illustrated with detailed photographs of some of the newest stars of bodybuilding.

To make the book more useful, Arnold furnishes various tried-and-tested tips for strengthening and sculpting muscles. In fact, for the novice, he has a separate section where elaborations on all the types of muscles have been furnished along with the tips to strengthen each individually. For the pro bodybuilders, he also shares some special tactics and strategies that would enable them for selecting the best poses at different fests and programmes. A special section on how to handle publicity has also been provided for the best effect.

The book also covers a fascinating history of the growth of bodybuilding as a sport and contains a photographic story of the ‘Bodybuilding Hall of Fame’.

By amalgamating experience with expertise, this book has certainly become the ‘bible of bodybuilding’ for all interested in this sport. Besides, the unique style of inspiration and motivation of Arnold makes the book all the more interesting.

Language English
ISBN-10 9780684857213
ISBN-13 9780684857213
No of pages 832
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher Simon & Schuster
Published Date 05 Nov 1999

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