Prophecy - The Rise Of The Sword

Priya K



Neha Sharma's search for the last land of Atlantis leads her and Paleontologist Nick Halliday on the adventure of their lives.Lemuria flourishing, vibrant life deep in the dark waters of the Indian Ocean politics, power- play, treachery and suspense... and a prophecy that sucks Neha right into the heart of it all.Is Neha indeed their chosen One? Can she save the Lemurians from the God of War and His sentient Sword, the mighty kata?Can she and her Lemurian friends plot to stop His devotees and full their evil designs? And all she had wanted was a peaceful search for a mythical land alongside a man with whom romance was beginning to bloom.Dive into a fascinating intermix of fantasy, drama and humor as Neha grapples with her newfound role as the Neha of a people who stand testimony to the indomitable spirit of mankind and its survival against all odds.

Language English
ISBN-10 9380154712
ISBN-13 978-93-80154-71-8
No of pages 439
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher Leadstart Publishing Private Limited
Published Date 10 Aug 2010

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