The Secret of Golf: A Century of Groundbreaking, Innovative, and Occasionally Outlandish Ways to Master the World's Most Vexing Game.

George Peper



It is the "Philosopher's Stone", the "Holy Grail", the key to a dazzling new world. No, it's far more important than that - it is "The Secret Of Golf". Since the moment the Scottish shepherd first tweaked his takeaway and found a better way to swat pebbles across the dunes, golfers have been searching for the game's magic key. Now, at last, it's here - and not just one key but 49 of them - 49 revolutionary ways to master the world's most vexing game, all together in one treasure of a book.

George Peper, the editor in chief of "Golf Magazine" for 25 years, has assembled and annotated three centuries full of landmark advice. Here are the game's most revered teachers - Armour, Boomer, Morrison, Jacobs - and most insightful stars - Vardon, Cotton, Hogan, Trevino. But here, along with them, are more than 40 golf pioneers, inventors, evangelists, and savants, each with a compelling take on the game.

There's Homer Kelley and his golfing machine, David Lee with Gravity Golf, and the mysterious Count Yogi, exhorting us to "hit up on the ball." Having trouble with your back swing? Andrew Mullin tells you how to play without one. Wedge shots your nemesis? Check out Dave Peiz's 3 X 4 System. Three-footers driving you crazy? Try Paul Trevillion's perfect putting method.

Every aspect of the game is covered-there's even a chapter on hypnosis Illustrated with hundreds of instructional photographs and drawings, plus vintage art and photos from the original texts, "The Secret Of Golf" is the whole in one - the only instruction book you will ever need.

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ISBN-10 978-0761136132
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Book Publisher Workman Publishing
Published Date 29 Jul 2005

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