Steps To Ace Your Exams

Maneesh Johari , Johari Jas



STEPS To ACE Your EXAMS - is meant for Students who want to SCORE better. This book satisfies the desire of every Parent- to ensure that their Child Succeeds. "My Child is very Intelligent, but doesn't Score well" - is probably the most repeated concern by parents On examining this concern further,we realize that Students do FIVE activities while studying:

(1) Open their Books and READ (2) Underline I Highlight important words & Make NOTES (3) MEMORIZE them (somehow) (4) HOPE that previously asked questions are repeated for them as well (5) PRAY that they are able to RECALL the answers during the exam time.... ......

As this is the only way they would get their MARKS! Unfortunately, most educationalinstitutes do not train them in the first 3 aspects. And this is exactly what this book does... It helps them: READ Faster (with Comprehension), Make Brain Friendly Notes (using MIND MAPS) and MEMORIZE them. "STEPS To ACE Your EXAMS" is the solution you were looking for... - Jas & Maneesh Johari

Language English
ISBN-10 9388247019
ISBN-13 9789388247016
No of pages 94
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher Embassy Books
Published Date 01 Jan 2018

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