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Highlights of India Today Hindi 16th March 2022, issue: Cover Story: Russian attack on Ukrain Khatarnak Khel As Russia’s Vladimir Putin sets out to subjugate Ukraine, what is the cost India, his own country and the world will have to pay? Upfront: Madhya Pradesh Kamalnath Ki Gahri Ranniti Congress leader Kamalnath begins public outreach campaign in wake of 2023 state assembly elections. He is also re organizing grass root level party by appointing Mandalam heads.

Upfront: Anis Khan Case Asahmati Ki Itni Badi Saza Murder of student leader Anis khan raised many questions. Politically active and, to many, ‘anti-establishment’, Anis was a vocal critic of some of the policies of the Mamata Banerjee government. Assembly elections 2022 Janmanas Ka Jayja What changes witnessed in the Uttar Pradesh in context of political awareness. India today took a reality check on the ground. Special Report: Pension Pension Ki Tension Rajasthan adopts old pension system for state government employees.

This decision motivated other state employee organizations to demand the same pension scheme for them. This is going to be a big political issue. Special Report: Poaching To Ve Mare Jayange? Proposed amendments to the Wildlife Protection act could make it easier for culls to take place. Some want to take it a step further and legalise hunting in india Economy: Disinvestment Nijikaran Ki Rah Me Bade Adange By January this year, the Centre had achieved just five per cent of its INR 1.75 lakh crore divestment target for FY22. What ails the privatisation process, and what’s the way out?

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