Entrepedia: A Step by Step Guide to Becoming an Entrepreneur in India

Nandini Vaidynathan


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This is a guide book if you want to become an entrepreneur or if you are in the start-up phase. It tells you in easy, simple 20 steps, what are the things you need to do from the time you think of the business idea to becoming market-ready. It is a go-to book like a dictionary. If you have just started a company or thinking of starting a company, it answers some basic questions : Why should I be an entrepreneur?

Where will I get my business ideas from? Why do I need a mentor and where will I find one? How will I hire good teams when I don't have the money to pay them market rates? What is a business plan, why should I write it, how should I write it? What are the different ways in which I can raise money for my business? This book acts as a mentor, pointing the way each step of your exciting journey to becoming an entrepreneur.


What will you learn from this book

  1. Understanding the Indian Market: Gain in-depth knowledge about the Indian market, its nuances, challenges, and opportunities for entrepreneurship.

  2. Adapting to Cultural Dynamics: Acknowledge and adapt to diverse cultural, social, and economic aspects that influence entrepreneurship in India.

  3. Navigating Regulations and Policies: Understand the legal and regulatory landscape in India, including compliance requirements and government initiatives supporting startups.

  4. Identifying Opportunities: Recognize and capitalize on emerging opportunities in various sectors and industries within the Indian economy.

  5. Building a Network: Establish a strong network of mentors, advisors, and fellow entrepreneurs to seek guidance and support in the entrepreneurial journey.

  6. Innovation and Problem-Solving: Embrace innovation and focus on solving genuine problems faced by the Indian population to create successful ventures.

  7. Financial Management: Develop sound financial literacy and management skills to sustain and grow the business in the Indian market.

  8. Scaling Strategies: Explore effective strategies for scaling a business in India while considering factors like scalability, resources, and market demand.

  9. Resilience and Persistence: Cultivate resilience and persistence to navigate challenges inherent in the entrepreneurial journey in India.

  10. Social Impact and Responsibility: Consider the social impact of entrepreneurship in India and the role of responsible business practices in sustainable growth.

Language English
ISBN-10 978-93-80227-81-8
ISBN-13 9789380227818
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Book Publisher Embassy Books
Published Date 01 Jan 2011

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