The Workforce Scorecard Managing Human Capital to Execute Strategy

Mark A. Huselid Brian E. Becker Richard W. Beatty


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In a marketplace fueled by intangible assets, anything less than optimal workforce success can threaten a firm's survival. Yet in most organizations, employee performance is both poorly managed and underutilized. The "Workforce Scorecard" argues that current management and human resource practices hinder employees' ability to contribute to strategic goals. To maximize the power of their workforce, organizations must meet three challenges: view their workforce in terms of contribution rather than cost; replace benchmarking metrics with measures that differentiate levels of strategic impact; and make line managers and HR professionals jointly responsible for executing workforce initiatives.

Building on the proven model outlined in their bestselling book "The HR Scorecard", Mark Huselid, Brian Becker, and coauthor Richard Beatty show how to create a "Workforce Scorecard" that identifies and measures the behaviors, competencies, mind-set, and culture required for workforce success and reveals how each dimension impacts the bottom line. Practical and timely, "The Workforce Scorecard" offers crucial lessons for leveraging human capital to achieve strategic success.

Language English
ISBN-10 1-59139-245-4
No of pages 275
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher Harvard Business School Publishing
Published Date 01 Mar 2005

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