Line of Vision

David Ellis


In Circulation
Investment banker Marty Kalish is a man with something to hide. But what exactly? When Marty arrives at the house of his married lover only to see her being brutally beaten by her husband, he breaks into the house, and the next thing he knows, he is hiding the body of the murdered husband. Marty does everything to conceal his tracks, but with the police on his tail and his lover, Rachel, in the frame, Marty confesses to the killing. Facing the death penalty, Marty assembles a small legal team and tries to find a way to save both himself and Rachel. But is everything as it seems? What is Marty really confessing to? What is he really guilty of? What really did happen on the night of the murder? Told through Marty's eyes, David Ellis's spellbinding narrative drives Line of Vision into areas of character where courtroom dramas rarely venture and, like all the best thrillers, keeps us waiting till the very last page to discover what actually happened.
Language English
ISBN-10 978-1-84724-570-0
No of pages 437
Book Publisher Quercus
Published Date 30 Nov -0001

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