Succeeding with Change: Implementing Action-Driven Strategies

Tony Eccles



Rather than focusing on the theory of what strategy is, what it can do and so on, this book actually gets to grips with how to implement strategies and then use them to make things happen. Many organisations get trapped into talking about what they are going to do and what they want to achieve without applying their knowledge and skills to make the necessary changes. Succeeding with Change brings fundamental guidance on each stage of making a strategy work - who takes responsibility, how to communicate change, building teams and leaders. With a 14-step framework this book offers a far-reaching support to senior managers who are tired of waiting for the change of momentum to carry things along and are waiting to take action.

Language English
ISBN-10 007709266X
ISBN-13 9780077092665
No of pages 273
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher McGraw-Hill Education
Published Date 29 Mar 1996

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