धर्मवादळ (Marathi)

Nilu Damle



How does man relate to religion? Why does man show aggression in the name of religion? How should we look at religion in the face of a changing world? Man has been using religion to as an excuse to wage wars. This has caused the deaths of millions of people. The destruction of the Twin Towers in America, brought the discussion of religion being used as a reason for violence to the forefront in America and Europe.

This discussion explored if there was a link between Terrorism and Islam. It didn't stop there and went on to analyse and study why people of all religions become violent in the name of religion. Author Nilu Damle has studied this in great detail. He has visited England, America, Israel, Palestine, Egypt, Turkey, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Malaysia and met Christians, Muslims and Jews.

He also visited the length and breadth of India from Mumbai to Kashi from Latur to Chennai meeting known and unknown people to find people's views on this subject. That's how this book was born.

Language Marathi
No of pages 165
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher samkalin prakashan
Published Date 01 Jan 2009

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Author : Nilu Damle

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धर्मात वादळ, वादळात धर्म

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