John Lennon: Unseen Archives.

Marie Clayton & Gareth Thomas



John Lennon was the man who founded The Beatles, and whose energy and initial commitment to becoming 'bigger then Elvis' were greatly influential in taking them to the heights of fame. John was the thoughtful, intelligent one, celebrated for his sharp wit and swift put-downs. Privately, he was a complex man: a superstar who hated the restrictions of being famous; a singer who disliked the sound of his own voice; a devoted man who was publicly unfaithful.

His partnership with Paul McCartney changed the parameters of popular music, and his early prose addded to the richness of the English language. After the break-up of The Beatles, John's relationship with Yoko Ono became one of the great love stories of our times, and with her he developed into both an interesting conceptual artist and an influential campaigner for peace.

John Lennon: Unseen Archives is a comprehensive chronicle of one of the world's most famous pop-star peace campaigners. It also provides an insight into a man who was more than a musician and who had an influence on an entire generation.

Language English
ISBN-10 0-75258-513-4
No of pages 384
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher Parragon
Published Date 02 Oct 2003

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