2 Day's Relationships

Rishabh Patel





In life's journey, we come across several travellers. But with how many of them do we actually fall in love with? Very few! The story deals with a young, school going boy residing in a non metropolitan city and confused between accepting or rejecting his ex's advances. But before that can happen, destiny intervenes and he falls head over heels in love with another girl on seeing her for the very first time. But here's the twist!

The girl he loves is already in a relationship and in the meantime, his ex begins dating another guy. Though severely dejected, he nevertheless continues to love her. Will they meet? Not so easily! What will happen next? The story hasn't ended yet!

Get ready for a youthful rollercoaster ride full of love, life, Facebook, friends, guilt, pain, past, emotions, fun and 'growing up'. Sounds like your story? Of course! For it is 2day's Relationships!

Language English
ISBN-10 8192982793
ISBN-13 9788192982793
No of pages 192
Book Publisher Red-Ink Publishers
Published Date 01 Jan 2014
Audio Book Length 05:53:09

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Author : Rishabh Patel


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