Can I Have It All

Anuranjita Kumar



Upcoming book with candid, emotive & intriguing narrative delving into personal experiences of a woman leader through her journey in corporate environment. The book, ‘Can I have it all?’ is written as a memoir of the author’s evolving identity. Nuanced, poignant and powerful, it touches upon her struggles in the proverbial corporate jungle, juxtaposed with a heartwarming account of a mother balancing a healthy home and work life.

It brings to life the dilemmas and challenges that women face through various stages of their lives such as education, marriage, maternity and mobility, as they aim to make it big in the corporate world. The career journey of an ordinary woman from a small town in India, ‘Can I have it All?’ is a compelling validation of how one can challenge social norms and stereotypes, around gender, race and other deep-rooted biases.

It provides an honest insight to anyone who wishes to understand the elements that formulate parts of one’s leadership journey and lends readers the courage to challenge existing paradigms that create a hindrance in furthering their careers. Covering themes such as working with senior stakeholders, challenging colleagues, navigating workplace politics, indulging in introspection and building a circle of trust with mentors, ’Can I have it All?’ is every bit gripping as it is relevant for everyone, across cultures, geographies gender or age!

Language English
ISBN-10 9385436139
ISBN-13 9789385436130
No of pages 217
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher Blooms Bury
Published Date 27 Sep 2015

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