The Fortune At The Bottom Of The Pyramid.




The world's most exciting, fastest-growing new market is where you least expect it: at the bottom of the pyramid. Collectively, the world's billions of poor people have immense untapped buying power. They represent an enormous opportunity for companies who learn how to serve them. Not only can it be done, it is being done--very profitably. What's more, companies aren't just making money: by serving these markets, they're helping millions of the world's poorest people escape poverty.

C.K. Prahalad's global bestseller The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid, now available in paperback,shows why you can't afford to ignore "Bottom of the Pyramid" (BOP) markets. Now available in paperback, it offers a blueprint for driving the radical innovation you'll need to profit in emerging markets--and using those innovations to become more competitive everywhere. This new paperback edition includes eleven concise, fast-paced success stories from India, Peru, Mexico, Brazil, and Venezuela--ranging from salt to soap, banking to cellphones, healthcare to housing. These stories are backed by more detailed case studies and 10 hours of digital videos on Simply put, this book is about making a revolution: building profitable "bottom of the pyramid" markets, reducing poverty, and creating an inclusive capitalism that works for everyone.

What will you learn from this book

  1. Market Potential in the Poor:

    • Prahalad argues that the world's poor represent a vast and untapped market with significant purchasing power when considered collectively.
  2. Reframing Poverty as Opportunity:

    • The book challenges traditional views that see the poor only as recipients of aid. Instead, it encourages businesses to view the poor as consumers with needs and desires.
  3. Innovative Business Models:

    • Prahalad emphasizes the need for innovative business models that can cater to the unique challenges and constraints of serving low-income markets.
  4. Affordability and Scalability:

    • Successful businesses at the bottom of the pyramid focus on creating products and services that are affordable and scalable, allowing for mass adoption.
  5. Partnerships and Collaboration:

    • Collaboration with local communities, governments, and non-profit organizations is seen as crucial for the success of businesses targeting the bottom of the pyramid.
  6. Technology as an Enabler:

    • The book highlights the role of technology in providing solutions that are cost-effective and can address the needs of the poor.
  7. Social Impact and Inclusive Growth:

    • Prahalad advocates for businesses to not only seek profits but also contribute to social development and inclusive growth in the communities they serve.
  8. Rural Development and Agriculture:

    • The book discusses opportunities in areas such as agriculture and rural development, recognizing the potential for businesses to make a positive impact on the livelihoods of the poor.
  9. Case Studies:

    • Prahalad supports his arguments with numerous case studies, illustrating successful business initiatives that have targeted the bottom of the pyramid.
  10. Ethical Considerations:

    • The book encourages businesses to approach the BoP market with a sense of responsibility and ethical considerations, avoiding exploitation and ensuring sustainable practices.
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Published Date 27 Jan 2006

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