The 48 Laws Of Power

Robert T Greene


In Circulation

Drawn from 3,000 years of the history of power, this is the definitive guide to help readers achieve for themselves what Queen Elizabeth I, Henry Kissinger, Louis XIV and Machiavelli learnt the hard way.

Law 1: Never outshine the master

Law 2: Never put too much trust in friends; learn how to use enemies

Law 3: Conceal your intentions

Law 4: Always say less than necessary.

The text is bold and elegant, laid out in black and red throughout and replete with fables and unique word sculptures. The 48 laws are illustrated through the tactics, triumphs and failures of great figures from the past who have wielded - or been victimised by - power.

What will you learn from this book

  1. Law 1: Never Outshine the Master: Avoid surpassing or overshadowing your superiors in a way that threatens their ego or authority. Instead, let them receive the credit and shine.

  2. Law 2: Never Put Too Much Trust in Friends; Learn How to Use Enemies: Be cautious with trusting friends completely, as they may betray you. Understand how to leverage enemies or rivals to your advantage.

  3. Law 3: Conceal Your Intentions: Keep your intentions and plans hidden from others, maintaining an air of mystery and unpredictability to maintain an edge.

  4. Law 4: Always Say Less Than Necessary: Avoid unnecessary chatter or revealing too much information. Use silence and strategic communication to your advantage.

  5. Law 5: So Much Depends on Reputation – Guard It with Your Life: Your reputation is crucial, so protect it fiercely by managing how others perceive you and your actions.

  6. Law 6: Court Attention at All Costs: Seek attention and create a powerful presence that attracts admiration, respect, and influence.

  7. Law 7: Get Others to Do the Work for You, But Always Take the Credit: Delegate tasks effectively while ensuring you receive recognition and credit for the work.

  8. Law 8: Make Other People Come to You – Use Bait If Necessary: Use incentives or bait to draw people towards you, increasing your influence and control in interactions.

  9. Law 9: Win Through Your Actions, Never Through Argument: Focus on demonstrating your value and abilities through actions rather than engaging in pointless arguments or debates.

  10. Law 10: Infection: Avoid the Unhappy and Unlucky: Surround yourself with positive and successful individuals, avoiding negative influences that can bring you down.

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Published Date 01 Jan 2010

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