Living On The Adge In Jhande Walan Thompson

Sunil Gupta



Living on the 'Adge' in Jhande Walan Thompson is a Bill-Bryson-esque tale of Sunil Gupta's twenty-three-year-long expedition Through the Looking Glass in the madcap wonderland of Indian advertising. A delightful and quirky narrative with a wonderful cast of characters and companies (a virtual who's who of advertising and marketing)

 inimitable descriptions and hilarious episodes, it presents a valuable and irreverent history of the growth and development of an increasingly important and yet largely unknown sector of the industry.Sunil's gift of observation and portraiture and his original use of language and metaphor are truly remarkable. Dig in and discover how Sunil likes his coffee without any sweetener.

 You won't find any aspartame in his writing either. And you'll find a lot to laugh about, admire and ponder over along the way.

Language English
ISBN-10 978-81-7436-744-0
No of pages 465
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher Lotus Roli
Published Date 01 Jan 2009

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