Seven Secrets of Great Entrepreneurial Masters: The Gem Power Formula for Lifelong Success

Allen Fishman


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Revealed for the first time -- the exclusive formula for business success practiced by thousands of entrepreneurs Allen E. Fishman, founder and CEO of The Alternative Board TAB(R), interviewed top entrepreneurs, identifying their common traits and practices to create the GEM Power formula. As a business leader, speaker, and Great Entrepreneurial Master himself, he has taught the formula to thousands of businesspeople.

Now, in Seven Secrets of Great Entrepreneurial Masters, he shares these secrets with you. Filled with thought-provoking written exercises, savvy advice, and inspiring anecdotes, the book takes readers on a journey of guided introspection to help them balance work and life for maximum success and happiness.

What will you learn from this book

  1. Gem Power Formula: Insights into the "Gem Power Formula" as presented by Allen Fishman, which likely encompasses key principles or strategies for entrepreneurial success.

  2. Entrepreneurial Mindset: Discussion on the mindset and qualities that distinguish successful entrepreneurial masters from others, exploring traits such as resilience, creativity, and adaptability.

  3. Lifelong Success: Exploration of the concept of lifelong success in entrepreneurship, covering both short-term achievements and long-term sustainable practices.

  4. Strategic Planning: Guidance on effective strategic planning in entrepreneurship, including goal-setting, resource allocation, and adapting strategies to changing business environments.

  5. Leadership Skills: Insights into the leadership skills necessary for entrepreneurial success, such as effective communication, team building, and decision-making.

  6. Adaptability: Discussion on the importance of adaptability in the face of changing market dynamics, technological advancements, and other external factors.

  7. Customer-Centric Approach: Emphasis on the significance of a customer-centric approach, including understanding customer needs, delivering value, and building lasting relationships.

  8. Financial Management: Guidance on effective financial management practices for entrepreneurs, covering budgeting, investment decisions, and risk management.

  9. Innovation and Creativity: Exploration of how successful entrepreneurial masters foster innovation and creativity within their organizations, staying ahead of the competition.

  10. Case Studies: Real-world case studies or examples illustrating the application of the seven secrets and how successful entrepreneurs have implemented these principles in their journeys.

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ISBN-10 0071470719
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Book Publisher McGraw-Hill Education
Published Date 16 Aug 2006

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