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Highlights of India Today Hindi 17th March 2021, issue: Cover Story: Congress Gandhi Parivar Ka Akelapan Staring at political oblivion and rebellion within, the Gandhis seem to be losing their grip on the party. Their future now rests on the results of the upcoming state polls Upfront: Social Media Nai Niyantran Rekha Union government, on February 25, released guidelines for social media, digital news media and OTT (over the top) content providers, seeking to address concerns over transparency and accountability of such platforms.

Guidelines have been working since last 3 years but immediate trigger was Republic day violence. It raises many questions. Upfront: Mahangai Jeb Katne Ka Pura Intajam Cost of living increases day by day due to various factors including costly fuel but government data suggesting that retail inflation going downwards. What is the reason behind this paradox? Upfront: Rajasthan Banavti Hai Ye Mel Congress leader Sachin Pilot and BJP leader Vasundhra Raje met their opponents within their parties but this meeting is not to melt the ice. Upfront: Covid Vaccine Muhim Ko Protsahan Ki Jarurat As on March 1, less than 1 per cent of India’s total population had received the first dose of the Covid vaccine.

It became clear that to achieve any kind of mass immunity and to break the chain of viral transmission, the vaccination rate had to pick up. Arthat: Chamatkari Rahat Falling GDP not always results in job crisis. In Europe despite of 14 percent GDP contraction employment decreases only 3 percent. This shows it is up to governments to save public. In India job losses and inflation making people poorer.

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