The Infertility Answer Book

Brette MC Whorter



What options do I have on my path to parenthood?

Conceiving your own child is difficult. Innovative technologies in assisted reproduction explore new alternatives to traditional pregnancy, but legal matters and financial considerations complicate these choices. Educate yourself on the available options that are allowing families to bring a baby into their homes.

The Infertility Answer Book answers your questions regarding the advantages and disadvantages involved with all of the options available, including:

- How do find an egg donor?

- Will my insurance cover fertility treatments?

- What happens in cryopreservation if a parent dies?

- What are the risks with using a surrogate?

- Should I also be trying adoption?

- What laws are involved with insemination?

- How do I keep embryo donation private?

- When should I discuss my ART choice with my child?

The Infertility Answer Book is your complete guide to the family-building possibilities beyond traditional pregnancy.

Language English
ISBN-10 978-1-57248-531-0
No of pages 276
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Book Publisher Sourcebooks
Published Date 01 Oct 2005

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