Sattvik Foods of India




• ‘You are what you eat’, is an adage which is little understood and hardly ever embraced.

• This is a cookbook with a deeply significant difference. People are introduced to the fundamentals of wellbeing by understanding how each person is different in terms of elemental composition and nutritional requirements.

• Shattering the myth that healthy food is largely tasteless, this book presents more than 70 easy-to-follow delicious sattvik recipes from various regions of India.• Those who are willing to travel the road to wellness with this book as guide, will not only develop a clear understanding of the connection between right food and wellbeing, but also expand their culinary repertoire.

• Presented in simple language, this valuable volume is both engaging and satisfying for the serious practitioner and curious reader alike.

Language English
ISBN-10 938111594X
ISBN-13 9789381115947
No of pages 256
Book Publisher Leadstart Publishing Private Limited
Published Date 14 Dec 2015

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