The Girl in Red

Ruchi Khanna



"The Girl in Red is the story of a woman, awakening to the truth of who she is. The adopted daughter of well respected philanthropist, Titlee has grown up in the delusions of what she believes she must be, in order to lead a happy life. In turn, running away from the truth of who she really is. Escaping her feelings has become quite normal for Titlee and she continues to live in the shadows of her own brilliance till the day she meets her destiny in the throws of death. Just as Titlee is all set to end her life by attempting to jump off the ledge of her balcony, she is saved by a mysterious force… What is this force? Why has she been saved? These are questions that will be answered in a profound way as the reader explores the pages of this life changing novel. As Titlee evolves into accepting and understanding her life, so will you. The story promises to thrill but more importantly, it promises to expand the vision of the readers as they go through the lows and then the highs of Titlee’s exceptional circumstances. In the end, realizing that most of us live our lives running away from the truth of who we are and what we truly desire. Unearthing Titlee’s journey, will help the readers to also dig deep within their own psyche and accept their own unique life story. Titlee, the novel revolves around the life of its protagonist – Titlee. But, the story also explores the lives and mindsets of the other women in Titlee’s life. Namely, her adoptive mother Mala who is an exemplary woman, hiding deep wounds behind a façade of strength. Radha, Titlee’s birth mother who is the ultimate escapist and Lali who is the enigma of the story. Allow yourself to open up to the gems of wisdom hidden in this intriguing thriller and as the mystery within the story reveals itself expect life lessons to also be revealed."

Language English
ISBN-13 978-9352017553
No of pages 210
Book Publisher Become Shakespeare
Published Date 07 Apr 2017

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Author : Ruchi Khanna


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