The One Minute Manager.

Ken Blanchard , Spencer Johnson



The book is written for managers who have to supervise and control their employees as well as complete certain essential office tasks. It covers certain techniques that could help its readers in improving their productivity, job satisfaction and personal prosperity. This is because individual satisfaction can gradually lead to the growth of any organisation. The authors of the book Kenneth Hartley Blanchard and Spencer Johnson have briefly explained few methods of management that are based on few studies in medicine and behavioural sciences.

The book talks about three practical management techniques such as one minute goal setting, one minute praising and one minute reprimand. These three simple yet effective techniques could do wonders for both individual and organisational growth. The one minute goal setting technique says that each member of a team is essential to fulfil the set goals. For instance, in order to complete daily, weekly, monthly or yearly tasks, team effort is needed, and for that, individual effort matters a lot. One minute praising technique is all about appreciation.

According to this technique a manager must reward a team member for completing a specific task efficiently. Plus, a manager could spend a minute to acknowledge a hardworking employee. The last technique is one-minute reprimand that says that the manager has to give feedback to few members who committed mistakes in their tasks. But the feedback must be given in polite manner so that their interpersonal relations are not affected.

By following these three effective techniques, a manager may grow individually as well as lead to organisational growth in long term. Written in simple, easy-to-understand language, the book can help the readers understand how simple changes can actually work in real management situations.

What will you learn from this book


• You can create effective organizations with the help of One Minute Management!

• One Minute goal setting is being aware of what is expected from the beginning.

• One Minute praising is about praising your people immediately, tell them what they did right and encourage them to do more of the same.

• One Minute reprimands are given as soon as an employee does something wrong.

• There are various types of managers – Tough or Nice. However, in the first case the organizations win but lose its people. While in the second case, people win but organizations suffer. You should be a combination of both!

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Published Date 03 Jan 2006

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