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Think And Grow Rich is a book that aims to show you just how you can condition your thinking, to think like the rich. This is what the author believes will help you get rich as well. After interviewing over 500 influential rich men and women, the author has been able to get a good understanding of just how the rich became that way. Through thirteen simple rules that are offered in this book, you are shown just how you can train your mind to think like the rich, which will eventually lead you to riches as well.

In the updated version of this book, the readers are provided with many examples of countless men and women, who have been able to apply the principles that Napoleon Hill has elaborated upon. These individuals are living proof of the authenticity of Hill's theories, as they have been able to acquire riches, just by following his instructions.

The list of people who have benefited from Hill's theories include Steven Spielberg and Bill Gates, among many others. If you're on the search for a way to get rich, this book is just right for you.

Think And Grow Rich has been published by RHUK, in the year 2004 and is available in paperback.

Key Features

  • The book offers you real-life instances of people who have become rich by following what the author has said.
  • The author has gained insight from over 500 individuals who have earned great riches, after which he has put together this book.

What will you learn from this book

  1. Desire and Goal Setting: The starting point of all achievement is a burning desire. Define a clear, specific goal and have an intense desire to achieve it. Visualize your goals as already achieved to manifest them.

  2. Faith and Belief: Have unwavering faith in your ability to achieve your goals. Cultivate a strong belief in yourself and your capabilities, as faith is essential for turning desires into reality.

  3. Auto-Suggestion: Use positive affirmations and self-talk to program your subconscious mind for success. Repetition of positive thoughts and beliefs helps to influence your behavior and actions.

  4. Specialized Knowledge: Acquire specialized knowledge and expertise in your field. Continuously educate yourself and invest in personal development to gain a competitive advantage.

  5. Imagination and Creativity: Utilize the power of imagination to generate ideas and solutions. Creative thinking can lead to innovations and opportunities that contribute to success.

  6. Organized Planning: Create a definite plan for achieving your goals. Organize your thoughts, resources, and actions systematically to move towards success.

  7. Decision Making: Be decisive and avoid procrastination. Timely and firm decisions are essential for progress and success.

  8. Persistence and Resilience: Persistence is crucial in the face of setbacks and obstacles. Develop the resilience to keep going despite failures or temporary defeats.

  9. Mastermind Alliance: Surround yourself with like-minded individuals who can support, inspire, and collaborate with you. Create a mastermind group for shared knowledge and brainstorming.

  10. The Power of the Subconscious Mind: Understand and harness the power of your subconscious mind. Use it to attract success and abundance by aligning your thoughts and actions with your goals.

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Published Date 07 Oct 2004
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