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Barbara Kenton


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Many organisations are changing the structure of some of their internal service departments such as HR and Finance, to give them a more consultative and strategic role within the company. However, in many cases, this takes place with little thought as to how the new function can be best established and how the individuals themselves need to change in order for it to be successful.

The book is about helping practitioners understand what is involved in operating as a business partner within an organisation. It will help them to assess how to make the transition from working operationally to working in a more strategic position and will equip them with the tools and techniques to help them in their new role. For generalist HR practitioners who are about to embark on Business Partner roles, or who are struggling to make a difference in such roles, the personal change journey can be made more difficult if people do not know what is involved, or understand how HR Business Partners can make a positive difference to their organisation's success. The temptation then to revert to familiar activities can be strong and dangerous to personal and functional credibility.

The authors draw on their experience of working with HR teams to show what being an HR Business Partner means in practice. They look at the challenges and what can be done to address them, and provide practical insights into how to develop the skills and confidence required to really make a difference in Business Partner roles.

* Outlines what being an HR Business Partner means in practice

* Use of tools and techniques will be illustrated through practical case study examples

* Shows how to develop a range of skills for building internal & external client relationships

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Published Date 12 Apr 2005

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