Harvard Business Review: Management Dilemmas: When Your Strategy Stalls

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When facing a difficult management challenge, wouldn't it be great if you could turn to a panel of experts to help guide you to the right decision? Now you can, with books from the Management Dilemmas series. Drawn from the pages of Harvard Business Review, these interactive, solutions-oriented guides allow readers to access the wisdom of leading experts as they tackle familiar and perplexing business situations. These engagingly written books will help managers improve problem-solving skills and make better judgment calls under fire. Every strategy has a shelf life. The trick is to recognize signs of strategic decay before they erode your company’s competitiveness. In this book, managers will immerse themselves in a range of dilemmas—Is it time to “go global?” Is cross-selling the answer, or a new problem? Should we stick to the core, or look for growth beyond it?—that managers in every company face as they seek to keep their companies growing profitably.
Language English
ISBN-10 1-59139-712-X
No of pages 187
Book Publisher Harvard Business School Publishing
Published Date 30 Nov -0001

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