Back From The Brink: The Greenspan Years

Steven K. Beckner



"Thorough and timely ...essential reading for those who seek insight into the process and the personalities that will shape Fed policy."-Barron's A compelling and intricate portrait of the enigmatic Alan Greenspan and the powerful institution he heads "Steven Buckner, as knowledgeable a Fed watcher as there is in the land, has done a great job telling the story of the challenging and successful Greenspan years."-L.

William Seidman Chief Commentator, CNBC, and former head of the FDIC "Buckner does a yeoman's job of chronicling the Fed policy of the past decade."-Business Week "No matter what [Buckner] writes these days, people on Wall Street assign magical properties to his words.

"Michael Lewis New York Times Magazine "Fed watcher extraordinaire Steven Buckner chronicles the incredible tenure of Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan...Read and reread this extraordinary book."-Dow Jones Asset Management "Accessible to the financially uninitiated, this dynamic, seemingly day-to-day chronicle may be the ultimate Fed watcher's guide."-Publishers Weekly

Language English
ISBN-10 0471161276
ISBN-13 978-0471161271
No of pages 452
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher Wiley
Published Date 23 Jan 1997

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Author : Steven K. Beckner


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