Back From The Brink: The Greenspan Years

Steven K. Beckner


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"Thorough and timely ...essential reading for those who seek insight into the process and the personalities that will shape Fed policy."-Barron's A compelling and intricate portrait of the enigmatic Alan Greenspan and the powerful institution he heads "Steven Buckner, as knowledgeable a Fed watcher as there is in the land, has done a great job telling the story of the challenging and successful Greenspan years."-L.

William Seidman Chief Commentator, CNBC, and former head of the FDIC "Buckner does a yeoman's job of chronicling the Fed policy of the past decade."-Business Week "No matter what [Buckner] writes these days, people on Wall Street assign magical properties to his words.

"Michael Lewis New York Times Magazine "Fed watcher extraordinaire Steven Buckner chronicles the incredible tenure of Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan...Read and reread this extraordinary book."-Dow Jones Asset Management "Accessible to the financially uninitiated, this dynamic, seemingly day-to-day chronicle may be the ultimate Fed watcher's guide."-Publishers Weekly

What will you learn from this book

  1. Monetary Policy Shaping: Insights into Greenspan's approach to monetary policy, including interest rate decisions, inflation targeting, and responses to economic fluctuations.

  2. The Greenspan Put: Discussion about the concept of the "Greenspan Put," suggesting that the Federal Reserve under Greenspan was ready to intervene and support financial markets during times of crisis, potentially encouraging risk-taking behavior.

  3. The Dot-Com Bubble: Analysis of Greenspan's handling of the dot-com bubble in the late 1990s and the subsequent burst, including the role of monetary policy in the run-up and aftermath.

  4. Financial Crisis Management: Examination of Greenspan's response to various financial crises, such as the Asian financial crisis of the late 1990s and the fallout from the 9/11 attacks.

  5. Housing Market Boom and Bust: Understanding Greenspan's role in the housing market boom and subsequent financial crisis of 2007-2008, including discussions on monetary policy and regulatory oversight.

  6. Communication Style: Insights into Greenspan's communication style, including his use of nuanced language and its impact on financial markets and public perception.

  7. Regulatory Policies: Discussion about Greenspan's views on financial regulation and his approach to overseeing the banking and financial sector during his tenure.

  8. Economic Philosophy: Examination of Greenspan's economic philosophy, including his belief in free markets, limited government intervention, and the challenges posed by this ideology during periods of crisis.

  9. Legacy and Criticisms: Evaluation of Greenspan's legacy as Fed Chair, acknowledging his contributions while also critiquing his policies and decisions, particularly in relation to the financial crises.

  10. Influence on Central Banking: Understanding Greenspan's impact on central banking practices, his influence on subsequent Fed Chairs, and the evolving role of the Federal Reserve in the global economy.

Language English
ISBN-10 0471161276
ISBN-13 978-0471161271
No of pages 452
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Book Publisher Wiley
Published Date 23 Jan 1997

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Author : Steven K. Beckner


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