Bright Rooms

Jenny Maxwell


Celia has never been the most diligent of aunts. Even when her brother died she didn't pay very much attention to her niece, Tamsin, and now it is too late. Tamsin is dead, found hanged in woodland near her home and leaving behind an enigma about her passing. Devastated by her death and ridden with guilt by her own neglect, Celia is determined to discover what would have caused her to take her own life. Then she learns that Tamsin was pregnant, but everything she is told by Tamsin's mother and her schoolfriends indicates that the teenager's reputation was the complete opposite to being promiscuous, yet the forensic evidence establishes that she was sexually 'mature'. Even more determined to get at the truth, Celia gradually reveals a side of Tamsin's life which no-one had known or guessed at, and she begins to believe that someone else was involved with her death. Engrossing, moving and chilling, this is a heart-rending novel of psychological suspense.
Language English
ISBN-10 0-70880-954-5
No of pages 345
Book Publisher Warner Books
Published Date 30 Nov -0001

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