Management Stripped Bare

Jo Owen


In Circulation

Management with an edge. All too often, management literature is little more than a menu of slogans, fads, and jargon. Owen plows through the good intentions to get to the meat of good and bad management, taking no prisoners along the way. Covering more than 150 universal management challenges, he reveals the substantial (and sometimes downright ridiculous) shortcomings of modern management initiatives. More important, he tells the reader how to do it better. "A brave and entertaining assault on the sacred cows of management." - Philip Kotler

What will you learn from this book

  1. Practical Wisdom over Theoretical Knowledge: The book may emphasize the importance of practical wisdom and real-world experiences over theoretical knowledge gained in business school.

  2. Leadership Authenticity: Owen might stress the value of authentic leadership, encouraging managers to be genuine, transparent, and true to themselves.

  3. Adaptable Management Styles: The book may discuss the need for managers to adapt their styles based on situations and individuals, rejecting one-size-fits-all approaches.

  4. Focus on People Skills: Owen might highlight the significance of strong interpersonal and communication skills, as successful management often involves effectively working with people.

  5. Results-Oriented Management: The book may advocate for a results-oriented approach, focusing on achieving tangible outcomes rather than getting bogged down in bureaucratic processes.

  6. Navigating Office Politics: Owen might provide insights into navigating office politics and building positive relationships within an organization, acknowledging the role politics plays in the workplace.

  7. Innovation and Risk-Taking: The book may encourage a culture of innovation and risk-taking, emphasizing the need for managers to foster creativity and be willing to experiment.

  8. Strategic Thinking: Owen might discuss the importance of strategic thinking, urging managers to take a long-term view and align their actions with organizational goals.

  9. Resilience in Leadership: The book may address the challenges of leadership and the importance of resilience in overcoming setbacks and adapting to change.

  10. Continuous Learning: Owen might stress the need for continuous learning and professional development, recognizing that effective managers are lifelong learners.

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Published Date 28 Mar 2003

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