The Money Diet

Martin Lewis


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Do you want to cut your bills without cutting back? Are you fed up with being ripped off? Do you want more money in your pocket? The average person spends more money on their telephone bill than stocks and shares - so why do finance books always talk about the markets? Whether it's utilities, credit cards, DVDs or debt, The Money Diet holds the secret of how to save. With crash-diet tips for speedy savings, a healthy eating guide to debt management, case studies and a complete financial fitness for life programme to strengthen reader's money-saving muscles, Martin Lewis can save you -6000 a year with his fully-researched, easy to implement, cutting-edge advice!

What will you learn from this book

  1. Budgeting Techniques: Emphasizing the importance of budgeting and providing practical tips for creating and sticking to a budget to better manage expenses.

  2. Debt Repayment Strategies: Offering strategies to reduce and manage debt effectively, including prioritizing debts, negotiating with creditors, and refinancing options.

  3. Saving Hacks: Providing actionable advice on how to save money on everyday expenses, such as utilities, groceries, transportation, and entertainment.

  4. Investment Basics: Explaining investment concepts in an accessible manner, introducing beginners to investment options, and offering guidance on getting started.

  5. Insurance Guidance: Advising on essential insurance coverage, such as health, home, and car insurance, to protect against financial risks.

  6. Credit and Credit Score Management: Educating readers on how to build and maintain a healthy credit score and how credit impacts personal finance.

  7. Tax Efficiency: Offering tips and strategies to maximize tax benefits and minimize tax liabilities.

  8. Financial Goal Setting: Encouraging readers to set clear financial goals and providing steps to achieve these objectives.

  9. Negotiation Skills: Providing negotiation techniques to save money on bills, contracts, and various financial agreements.

  10. Behavioral Finance: Addressing the psychological aspects of money management, including understanding spending habits and overcoming financial stress.

Language English
ISBN-10 0-09-189484-0
No of pages 349
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Book Publisher Vermilion
Published Date 01 Apr 2004

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