Aasha- The Inspiration

Sweta Chakraborty



"Aasha – the Inspiration is the journey of Jyoti Priya Malvankar, a Marathi girl born and educated in some B grade towns of India whose birth and upbringing hover around a middle class family with lots of dos and don’ts to follow; Like in 90 percent Indian families, she faced negligence and felt unimportant being a girl child. Luck strikes her door when she has the opportunity to travel abroad with her husband, see the world and serve at an NGO.

She publishes a book ‘Aasha – the Inspiration’ which is about the struggle and journey of a girl from orthodox society to the ultimate of success and fame. This book was written and published as a fund raising initiative for the NGO she was working for. Her literary work got appreciated all over the world and she gets identified as an iconic symbol who uplifts the stature of common woman.

She admits in a felicitation program that that the motivation in life comes from her mother. This was an appeal to the masses of India, a message not to ignore a girl child, but instead to give her equal opportunity and help her bloom like a flower amongst the society."

Language English
ISBN-10 978-9383952755
ISBN-13 978-9383952755
No of pages 106
Book Publisher Become Shakespeare
Published Date 14 Mar 2016

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Author : Sweta Chakraborty


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