Pack Of Thieves.

Richard Z Chesnoff



It was the largest organised robbery in history - the systematic looting of Europe's Jews by the Nazis and most of the nations of Europe. Now, for the first time, Richard Z. Chesnoff details the full scope of this monumental theft of money, gold, jewels, art, and property that began in Germany with the rise of Hitler, continued through the Holocaust and Occupation of Europe and culminated in a post-war cloaking campaign that stretched from Scandinavia to the Balkans.

Chenoff travelled to eleven countries to research this compelling story of human greed. With direct access to hitherto classified files and through exclusive interviews with bankers, government and Jewish officials, as well as the families of victims, Chesnoff reveals new details that many governments and bank officials would prefer to remain secret.

Language English
ISBN-10 0753811103
ISBN-13 978-0753811108
No of pages 325
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher Phoenix
Published Date 03 May 2001

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