Elliot Wave Explained: A Real World Guide To Predicting And Profiting From Market Turns

Robert C. Beckman


In Circulation

Perhaps the best and most simply presented presentation of the principles of the complex Elliott Wave Theory. An intelligent, well-written, thorough treatise an indispensable references on a difficult subject.

What will you learn from this book

  1. Wave Principle Basics: Introduces the Elliott Wave Theory, explaining the concept of waves in financial markets based on crowd psychology and market cycles.

  2. Identifying Market Trends: Discusses how to identify and interpret wave patterns to understand market trends, corrections, and reversals.

  3. Wave Counting: Explains the process of counting and interpreting waves to predict potential future market movements.

  4. Fibonacci Relationships: Explores the relationship between Elliott Waves and Fibonacci numbers, which are often used to predict potential price targets.

  5. Patterns and Ratios: Discusses specific patterns and ratios within Elliott Waves that signal potential turning points or continuation of trends.

  6. Applying Elliott Wave Principle: Provides practical guidance on applying the Elliott Wave Principle to different financial instruments like stocks, forex, or commodities.

  7. Risk Management: Emphasizes the importance of risk management and stop-loss strategies when using Elliott Wave analysis for trading decisions.

  8. Confirmation and Validation: Discusses methods to confirm Elliott Wave patterns using other technical indicators or chart analysis.

  9. Psychology of Trading: Explores the psychological aspect of trading and how emotions can influence Elliott Wave analysis and trading decisions.

  10. Limitations and Challenges: Acknowledges the limitations and challenges of Elliott Wave analysis, including subjectivity and interpretation difficulties.

Language English
ISBN-10 1557388873
ISBN-13 978-1557388872
No of pages 300
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Book Publisher Vision
Published Date 01 Mar 1995

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Author : Robert C. Beckman


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