The Corporate Buddha: Strategies for Composure, Confidence and Control

Randiv Mehra


In Circulation

The extra-ordinary wisdom of The Buddha is presented in terms of three key strategies which when implemented lead to our spiritual innovation. We become wiser, release our great potential, create new possibilities and lead ourselves to better work, a better life and a better destiny.

What will you learn from this book

  1. Mindfulness in Business: Explores the integration of mindfulness practices into the corporate world for enhanced composure and control.

  2. Emotional Intelligence: Emphasizes the importance of emotional intelligence in corporate settings for fostering confidence and effective leadership.

  3. Stress Management: Provides strategies to manage stress and maintain composure in high-pressure corporate environments.

  4. Resilience Building: Discusses techniques to build resilience and adaptability in the face of challenges and uncertainties.

  5. Confidence Building: Explores methods for boosting confidence and self-assurance in professional interactions and decision-making.

  6. Effective Communication: Stresses the significance of clear and confident communication in corporate settings.

  7. Leadership Development: Offers insights into mindful leadership practices that promote composure and control while leading teams.

  8. Work-Life Balance: Discusses strategies for achieving a healthy work-life balance to maintain composure and well-being.

  9. Conflict Resolution: Provides techniques for handling conflicts calmly and effectively in corporate environments.

  10. Personal Growth: Encourages personal development and self-reflection as a means to achieve composure, confidence, and control.

Language English
ISBN-10 9789384898175
ISBN-13 9789384898175
No of pages 299
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Book Publisher Bloomsbury
Published Date 15 Jul 2015

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Author : Randiv Mehra


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