The Pulwama Aftermath

Pratik Shah







A heinous attack has been perpetrated on the Prime Minister of India. The assailant has disappeared after executing a flawless operation, leaving shock waves, tears and pandemonium in his wake. Who is he and what was his motive? Is he a lone wolf or is someone else pulling his strings? Will the Prime Minister survive or will he leave behind a nation steeped in grief and chaos.

The wounds of the Pulwama attack on Indian forces are yet fresh in the country's mind and calls for all-out war are getting more strident by the day. In a race against time, intelligence agencies are working as one to uncover the secrets behind the rogue operation before it’s too late.

Any one of several terrorist organisations across the border could be involved in the attack. It could be the nation across the border, or perhaps the truth is much closer to home. As the armed forces on both sides of the border prepare for an all-out offensive, will the agencies succeed at unravelling the truth or will it disappear forever?

Language English
ISBN-10 1071232274
ISBN-13 978-1071232279
No of pages 249
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Book Publisher Distinct Books
Published Date 01 Jan 2019
Audio Book Length 08:14:27

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