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Highlights of India Today Hindi 10th March 2021, issue:  Cover Story Kaun Hai Rajdrohi? Ordinary citizens face the peril of draconian laws increasingly invoked by the state to stifle dissent. Upfront: Bangal Ki Jung Mandiron Ki Daud Temple- and ashram-hopping are, of course, de rigueur for BJP leaders anywhere, but the fervor and commitment are hitting new levels in the Bengal poll campaign. And it’s not just Ram and Hanuman temples of Kali and Durga are also now must-stops on the itinerary, especially for visiting BJP and Sangh VVIPs. Upfront: Pudduchery Gaflat Mein Gayi Sarkar Congress government fall after some MLS’s left. This development led DMK to announce its CM candidate in Pudduchery in coming state assembly elections.

Upfront: Madhya Pradesh Khadbadati Khadane In January Madhya Pradesh government notified an amendment to the Madhya Pradesh minor mineral rules, 1996. The amendment tweaks the procedure for issuing permits to quarry ‘minor minerals’ like dolomite.  Used in the state’s steel and other industries. On January 30, Harshika Singh, the district magistrate of Mandla district, wrote to the sub divisional magistrates, the CEOs of district Panchayats and the divisional forest officers of the district to solicit opinions—and objections—of the local Gram Sabhas on a proposal to permit dolomite quarrying in certain areas near the Kanha and Bndhavgarh tiger reserves. The move has sparked fierce protests from locals and environmentalists—on not just the ecological impact of mining but also the consequences of quarrying leases on the Nistar rights of local tribal communities.

Arthat Magar hakikat hai Earnings may increase in coming days but real comparison of earnings must be done with pre Covid era. Same approach should be applied in case of GDP. Data may seem to be increasing but in context of pre Covid time it may lag behind. So be cautious when consuming data. Nation: Covid vaccination Umeed Ke Saath Andeshe Calls for roping in the private sector grow as India’s Covid vaccination drive—being extended to senior citizens in March—runs way behind target Nation: Rohini Commission Arakshan ki chunavi bisat Quota within quota in other backward class category has been in debate since long time. Bihar CM Nitish Kumar’s demand of reservation for extremely backward class fuels reservation debate again.

Rohini commission summits its report which is not public but according to sources it recommends breakup for 27% OBC quota. Budget: Uttar Pradesh Siyasi Rah Sadhne Ka Budget Uttar Pradesh government presented its last budget for election year and used all possible options to attract voters. Can it work for CM Yogi Adityanath in the run of 2022 elections? Special Report: Fuel Price Hike Jeb se Juda Jwalant Mudda High fuel costs threaten to stoke inflation and prompt spending cuts by consumers, hurting India’s fragile post-pandemic recovery

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