Inner Happiness: Positive Steps to Feeling Complete

Vera Peiffer



Inner Happiness is a self-help guide for those who feel there is something missing in their lives and something more to life. Whether you're at the end of your tether or just persistently dissatisfied, bestselling author of Positive Thinking Vera Peiffer shows you how to banish that 'emptiness' for good. With effective advice and easy-to-learn techniques she describes how to overcome feelings of loneliness, alienation, stress and low self-esteem by thinking positively and working with the energy of body, mind and soul.

In her comprehensive book Vera Peiffer: explains why we feel disconnected and how this manifests in our lives; describes how we have to be healthy on four levels, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, to feel complete; shows us how to work more closely with our 'inner' world, using positive thinking techniques and energy medicine; helps you to build inner confidence to banish depression and lack of self-esteem; illustrates issues with real-life case histories.

Language English
ISBN-10 0749941413
ISBN-13 9780749941413
No of pages 208
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher Piatkus
Published Date 06 Aug 2009

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