The Breakaway Brand

Francis J Kelly , Iii & Barry Silverstein



What would happen if your brand were out of stock in a retail store? Would a customer wait until it becomes available, travel to another store to buy it...or purchase another brand instead? This is a brand’s moment of truth.

In today’s overcrowded marketplace, only a select few brands truly rise above the competition. That’s what The Breakaway Brand is about. It’s about the brand that stands out, not just in its own product category, but from all other brands. It’s about the brand that achieves huge results. It’s about the brand that breaks away.

Drawing from their experiences at Arnold Worldwide, one of the leading and most innovative advertising agencies in the business, branding experts Francis Kelly and Barry Silverstein reveal what it takes to create a breakaway brand and how today’s great brands execute breakaway campaigns, packaging, and promotion. You’ll get an inside look at such phenomenally successful brands as Apple, Nike, Volkswagen, JetBlue, Starbucks, and many others, and you’ll find out how you can apply their breakaway strategies in your own organization. Discover how a breakaway brand:

• Is positioned for success

• Continuously innovates

• Connects with its audience

• Establishes brand leadership

• Delivers brand truth and consistency

• Stands out with exceptional campaigns and unique packaging

• Uses the Internet for breakaway marketing

Kelly and Silverstein also take you inside the mind of the breakaway chief, revealing the level of dedication, vision, and leadership required of CEOs, COOs, and CMOs to foster breakaway brands.

It isn’t easy for brands to break away. But it can be done, and The Breakaway Brand shows you how to “Think Different,” “Just do it,” and create a truly revolutionary and sustainable brand.

What will you learn from this book

  1. Differentiation and Uniqueness: Emphasizes the importance of standing out in a crowded market by being unique and differentiating from competitors.

  2. Consistent Branding: Discusses the significance of consistent brand messaging and experiences across all touchpoints to build a strong brand identity.

  3. Customer-Centric Approach: Highlights the importance of understanding and meeting customer needs to create a brand that resonates with its audience.

  4. Authenticity and Transparency: Stresses the value of authenticity and transparency in building trust and credibility with consumers.

  5. Emotional Connection: Explores how successful brands establish emotional connections with consumers to create loyalty and advocacy.

  6. Innovation and Adaptability: Discusses the role of innovation and adaptability in maintaining relevance and meeting evolving consumer demands.

  7. Storytelling for Brands: Examines the power of storytelling in crafting a compelling brand narrative that engages consumers.

  8. Brand Building Strategies: Explores various brand-building strategies and tactics used by successful brands.

  9. Long-Term Vision: Emphasizes the importance of having a long-term vision and strategy for building and sustaining a successful brand.

  10. Measuring Brand Success: Discusses methods and metrics to measure the success and impact of brand-building efforts.

Language English
ISBN-10 0-07-061187-4
No of pages 289
Font Size Medium
Book Publisher Tata Mcgraw-Hill
Published Date 16 Sep 2005

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